En postliste fungerer således at alle tilmeldte får alle mails der sendes til listen. En postliste oprettes typisk af en interessegruppe, og der er en person der styrer listen. Nogle lister skal man bare melde sig til, ved andre kan man kun komme på listen hvis man opfylder visse krav, f.eks. til uddannelse. Man melder sig i almindelighed til en postliste ved at sende en e-mail til serveren. Mailen må ikke have nogen tekst i emnefeltet, og skal indeholde følgende besked: SUBSCRIBE <postlistens navn> <Eget navn>. Når man derefter vil sende beskeder til listen, sender man til en anden e-mail adresse.

Engelsk introduktion til statistiske postlister

SPECIAL WARNING!!! Please, please, please note that subscription requests go to the LISTSERV or MAILBASE address. If you send a subscription request to the list itself, it will be read by hundreds or thousands of people, none of whom can get you subscribed.
is a nice site sponsored by Circle Systems, makers of Stat/Transfer software. It uses web forms to allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe to STAT-L and a lot of other lists.

ALBERT-GIFI — The Albert Gifi mailing list discusses correspondence analysis, multidimensional scaling, nonlinear multivariate analysis, and optimal scaling
How to subscribe: subscribe ALBERT-GIFI First-name Last-name

ALLSTAT is a Mailbase system so it uses a slightly different syntax than the LISTSERV system.
How to subscribe: join ALLSTAT First-name Last-name
Post messages to: ALLSTAT@MAILBASE.AC.
UK Web info and FAQ:
Note: Contrary to previous information in this FAQ, you must include your name when subscribing. “Subscribe” can be substituted for “join,” however. Here are some additional comments from Dr. Stuart Young, the list owner. Note also, that while Allstat does indeed have a “UK flavour” it is not a discussion list. It is a “broadcast system” for distributing notices. Discussions are not encouraged on the list – replies go to the sender, not to the list.

CRSP-L — Help With Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) Data Bases.
Subscriptions to: LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU
How to subscribe: sub CRSP-L First-name Last-name
Post messages to: CRSP-L@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU
Web info and FAQ:

CRSP-L/ EDSTAT-L/SCI.STAT.EDU — Statistics training and education issues.
How to subscribe: subscribe EDSTAT-L Firstname Lastname

— This list is for people using multilevel analysis (multilevel modeling; hierarchical data analysis) and any associated software (e.g. MLn, HLM, VARCL, GENMOD). 
MULTILEVEL is a MAILBASE system so it uses a slightly different syntax than the LISTSERV system. 
Subscriptions to: MAILBASE@MAILBASE.AC.UK 
How to subscribe: subscribe MULTILEVEL first-name last-name 

— A new listserv has been established for graduate students to discuss theoretical and applied issues in psychometrics. Faculty and research scientists are, of course, welcome to listen and offer insight.
Subscriptions to:
How to subscribe subscribe PSYCHOMETRICS:
Post messages to:

SCI.STAT.MATH — A more mathematical flavor can be found on this newsgroup, which sad to say, is not mirrored to any LISTSERVer.

SEMNET — SEMNET is an open forum for ideas and questions about the methodology that includes analysis of covariance structures, path analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis.
Subscriptions to: LISTSERV@UA1VM.UA.EDU
How to subscribe: sub SEMNET first-name last-name
Post messages to: SEMNET@UA1VM.UA.EDU
Web info and FAQ:

STEPS — an e-mail discussion list for users of the STEPS (STatistics Education through Problem Solving) statistical software. Subscriptions to:
How to subscribe: join STEPS first-name last-name
Post messages to:
Web info and FAQ:

TEACHING-STATISTICS — This list is for those concerned with the initial teaching of statistics in all phases of education. It will relate to the objectives of the journal Teaching Statistics and the associated Trust, and will also enable discussion of how to make teaching and learning statistics more effective.
Subscriptions to:
How to subscribe: join teaching-statistics first-name last-name
Post messages to:
Web info and FAQ:



Man melder sig til listen på .

Der findes et arkiv på følgende adresse. Det omfatter spørgsmål og svar siden 1987: 

Beskeder til listen sendes til: SPSSX-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU

example 1:
(the above line requests a list of all archives files available on the server. File names have the format LOGYYMM; for instance the log of all messages in July 2000 is in the file whose name is LOG0007)

example 2:
(the above line requests the file which contains all the July 2000 messages posted to the SPSSX-L list)

example 3:
(the above lines returns the id of all messages which contain the word ‘profiles’ and were posted in the last 50 days.)

example 4: HELP
(The above line request a summary of the commands available)


Man melder sig til listen på: LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU

Liste for metodeinteresserede

Bruges mest af undervisere i forskningsmetode i samfundsvidenskabelige uddannelser. Kvaliteten ikke høj. 

subscribe METHODS Your Name

Liste for tidsserieanalyser

Liste for interesserede i Rasch-modeller
subscribe rasch

Liste for kvalitativ metode

QUALMETH, an electronic discussion list for political scientists and other scholars to analyze, debate, develop, critique and apply qualitative methods, broadly defined.
T o subscribe to QUALMETH send an email to with the subject line left blank, and with the message text: subscribe QUALMETH yourfirstname yourlastname For more information see:
QUALMETH will post messages on a broad range of topics, including queries on particular methods, discussions of texts advocating or critiquing qualitative methods, analysis of work applying qualitative methods, and up-to-date information on opportunities for, or problems with, archival access. QUALMETH will also publish book reviews, paper abstracts, relevant job descriptions, and notices of the posting of syllabi and working papers on the CQRM electronic database.
In addition to these regular activities, QUALMETH will host scheduled roundtables in the CQRM discussion series. The series posts recent or draft articles and book chapters in which scholars analyze, debate, develop, critique and apply a variety of qualitative methods, or discuss issues relevant to their application.
For more information, see
QUALMETH recognizes that scholars face increasing ’email overload,’ and undertakes to limit list traffic to a reasonable level of activity.
Any questions on QUALMETH or CQRM’s other activities can be emailed to, or mailed to Dr. Colin Elman, Executive Director, Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods, Box 872001, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-2001.

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